Voip Phone

Some top features of VOIP call for business


There are various benefits of phone picking and ivr solution. In addition, the call service is available at a low price and is most portable. Apart from this, VoIP also has some basic features which are used in traditional phones also. Such as forwarding calls, incoming calls, and call waiting, etc. apart from this, you can also use the web portal because it provides the voip home phone service to manage the different features. These can be done by the regular phone company to accomplish the task.


Standard of the VOIP call features

There are some standards are described in the following paragraph regarding the VOIP call features. it is also available on the free service provider.

  • Three-way calling.
  • Auto call forwarding.
  • Address book.
  • Call forward, back and hold.
  • Caller ID and ID block.
  • Voicemail.
  • Call waiting and call return.

 If you are not paying the extra for calling then you can enjoy the additional features such as voicemail, calling, email, and many more. in addition, you can also add the basic and advanced package that depends on the VOIP system and you can access the information by using the virtual phone system.

The voip call features regarding improving the business

Business VOIP services have benefits and regular service. In addition, the virtual phone system also has additional important things which are necessary to add like auto-forwarding calls, faxing, VOIP call transfer, and many more.

Some features of cheap voip home phone service are also included in the business perspective such as call queues, extension, and transfer. But, most features are also used in the business for advancements such as toll-free numbers and recording calls, and many more. There are also described important things in the following paragraphs.

  • Click to call.
  • Do not disturb.
  • Call recordings, call logs, and ques.
  • Auto-attendant.
  • Remote office.
  • Scalability.
  • Virtual numbers.
  • Unlimited local calls.

  Three-way calling

This is a feature that allows users to call more than one person. The calling with multiple people can be possible at a single time.

Auto forwarding

Auto forwarding is also known as ring splash and you can receive the call automatically and is sent to another number. These features can be helpful to communicate with other people. in addition, you can also follow the other tools which are necessary for forwarding the calls.

 Address book

The address books store all the contact numbers. So, you have to manage your contact in a good manner. Apart from this, you can also create the speed dial options and update the caller ID in your device to access the calls and messages.

Call hold

With the help of a call hold, you can put the call on the hold without dropping the call. This also helps to pick the call again when you have time to pick the calls.

 Caller ID

With the help of the caller id, it displays the number and name of the person to another person. In addition, you can also make other information regarding the calls.